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Custom Web Based and Online Database Applications
Online database system can be used where the data has to be accessed from different terminals and remotely. This type of database can be used to sell the products directly to the customers and can be integrated with e-commerce.

View some of our Custom Web Based and Online Database Applications

Custom Console Based Database Solutions
These types of applications can be used for small databases. This is highly cost effective and convenient way of managing the information, which is not required on the network. Some of the common applications are small company payroll, maintaining accounts, customer records and history and other such applications. These databases are highly useful for small to medium size companies.

View some of our Console Based Database Applications

Secure & Reliable Data Storage
We provide secure and reliable servers to store your database. This takes away you headache of finding a place to store the sensitive information. The database can be encrypted and can be made available via secure lines only.

Data Recovery and Back Ups
Incase you have a bad hard drive or you need back up for you data, we provide servers that based on RAID technology and are highly secure and reliable for back ups. We can also recover your data from the bad hard drives.

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