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Client : Riverside County Office of Education

Project Description :
Developed an online database system for the riverside school district which helped them in managing the information of the pre-interns. Internet Explorer based forms were used to input the data. The information retrieval was made possible via browser using simple point and click techniques. The database was put on a secure server. The information send to the server was also encrypted using certificates from verisign. This kind of database can be used to store the information for your company which needs to be accessed from different locations. Also as the database if full secured and encrypted with our dedicated servers, any kind of sensitive information can also be put/retrieved in this way.

Client : NETCBC

Project Description :
Developed a real time online pricing system for a computer dealer. This type of project can help to link the manufactures database directly with the website of the dealer/retailer. The dealer can add his/her profits on the top of the manufactures price and the goods can be shipped directly from the manufacturer. A shopping cart, internal database, images of the products, product specifications were also provided. This type of project saves the retailer both time and money as the database is maintained by the manufacturer but at the same time gives complete control over it.

Client : Nobel Systems

Project Description :
Developed an Online Project Management and Tracking System for Nobel Systems who are Industry Leaders for all GIS Data Conversion, GIS Application Development Integration and Consulting. This system was a way for the client and their customers and employees to keep track of their projects on the web and be able to access it from anywhere in the world as they had a team spread in different parts of the world. This would show the client completed Milestones & Tasks and percentage of project based on this information and help keep track of time and money spent on different tasks and project. You can check more details by clicking here.

Client : Newport Private Capital

Project Description :
Developed an Financial Planning Database Application for Newport Private Capital to help them manage different funds and assets & liabilities for their customers. This software would allow them to specify tax brackets, interest rates and keep track of their customers Net Worth, Assets Allocation. It also has built in Calculators with formulas required for all financial calculations. It would let the client show its customers different scenarios with different funds and save each scenario with a description as to what differentiates each one and help let them choose the one that best suits them. It keeps track of Income Sources (social security, rental income, inheritance, pension plan, etc.). The client can run reports and draw charts to show Fund distribution, Assets, Net Worth data filtered by different criteria to their customers.

Client : Ten Percent Down

Project Description :
Developed an Property listing Database Application for Ten Percent Down in Irvine, Orange County, California to list properties and their details with images. Different types of customers like Builder, Investor, Mortgage Company, Property Manager, Realtor and realtor can sign up for different levels of access. It lets the customer view the pdf and doc files uploaded for that property and lets the admin add more properties, upload images and pdf and check status on them. It also sends alerts to customers based on the filters setup for new listings.

Client : Hotel Solutions

Project Description :
Developed an Database reporting system for Hotel Solutions in Irvine, Orange County, California to show charts and numbers of total bookings made, churn rate, commissions expected and total hotel spend for Corporate customers to help them audit and find hotels that charged over the contract rates. It has reports to show nights booked and revenue spent on contract hotels v/s non-contract hotels. Reports to show the Nights and Spend for the top contract hotels and the top non contract hotels. Reports to show the hotels that booked the most nights above the contract rate and those that booked the most nights below the contract rates. Reports to show the current status for all of the commission funds collected in a graph.

Client : Ultimate New Home Sales

Project Description :
Developed an Online Database system for Ultimate New Home Sales in Anaheim, Orange County, California to record traffic of people coming to see the homes in a community and different community phases. This database was also used to record the source of traffic and the number of sales and other tracking information like booking and cancellations. The managers have the ability to see charts displaying traffic for different phases and communities and source and sales and other details. Reports can be run for different date ranges showing statistics of people like their Age, household size, number of vehicles, planned down payment, Income etc. This database also allows other reports by date ranges like Sales to Traffic Report, Traffic and Advertising Analysis Report, Comparative sales by month, net after cancellation, Comparative closings by Month etc.

Client : The Next Solutions

Project Description :
Developed an web based Database system to track and record customer traffic at car dealerships. This database was created as an upgrade to the normal paper based uplist used at car dealerships to keep track of which sales rep will attend the next customer based on when that sales rep came in. This database is now being used by some of the major delerships in the country because of the advantages it offers managers which were not possible with paper lists. This allows managers to run reports to find out how many customers were attended by a sales rep and how many sales one made plus the total customers that came in to the dealership and the total sales. It also tracks how many appointments versus walk ins converted to sales. It has reports to show the average time spent by a sales rep with a customer to make a sale during the day.

Client : Beckstrom Posting

Project Description :
Developed an PHP MySQL web Database software system to record foreclosure postings. This system allow the admin to add postings and assign to agents who make the posting take pictures and upload them to the system to confirm and close the posting. It records different stages of posting process and tracks them and alerts when they are past due date. It also allows creating reports and printing them and search for postings by different criteria.

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