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Total Solutions for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, Linux & Macintosh.

We specialize in providing total software solutions for your enterprise, offering off-site and offshore development services. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality end-product, taking ownership of and treating each project as though it were for our own use. Kanoi Services is your solution when you need people who will get a project done right the first time, when you need a project fixed, or if you are behind schedule. We have great experience in bringing success to time-critical projects. Have a problem outside your expertise? Kanoi Services is your ultimate solution! This allows our clients to concentrate on their own business expertise, while we develop part or all of their application. First consultation is free.

Contract Programming

Kanoi Services will tell you upfront what your job will cost, and how much time it will take. Kanoi Services has a great design, and development team. We have experience in many industries, and we can take on tasks on any complexity.

Outsourcing and Offshore Development

We have our partners worldwide and we can organize developers and engineers to work on your project round-the-clock! Independent consultants are great when you need only few. But what if there's no money in the budget to hire 4, 6 or 10 experts? That's when Kanoi Services can provide you with same skills and manpower at a fraction of the cost of independent consultant. It's an irresistible deal! We have facilities in India staffed with first class experts in project management, analysis and design.

Legacy Systems Re-design, Integration And Migration

If technology changes or the organization's growth may necessitate the migration of the legacy system or its data, your legacy systems may no longer fulfill a vital need within your organization. Kanoi Services will works with you to determine the best approach and means for this migration.
An organization may desire to change the platform that the legacy system resides on, such as moving from a proprietary environment to an open-source environment. Kanoi Services helps clients in all phases of this move and conversion including requirements specification, design, development and data conversion and migration. The new platform may also require a change in the software and type of database. Kanoi Services's experience ensures that the functionality and data are still accessible and reliable. We have experience in many IT areas, and it allows us to help our clients safeguard against potential problems in the new environment.
In addition to migrating legacy system to a new platform, you may need to web-enable your legacy system. We will work with you to choose the most effective and efficient means for web-enabling, while maintaining highest data and system integrity and protection.
In the current environment, it is often essential to migrate data from legacy systems to systems in other databases and on other platforms. Kanoi Services has extensive experience in developing and facilitating both importing to and exporting from legacy systems. We develop means that are both flexible and user friendly.

Project Rescue

Statistically, about 40% of software projects fail or exceed their budget, deadlines or both. If your project is above the budget or beyond the deadlines, you are faced with two choices: attempt to rescue the project or have the project cancelled. Contact us, and we will audit your processes, investigate why your project fails and offer non-biased report with potential solutions. First consultation is free.

Staffing Services

Need to build a professional and jagged team to implement your project? Need to add experts to your team to support implementation of current project? Look no further! Kanoi Services will provide you with best people in the market.

Project Management, Oversight and Mentoring

If you need to make sure your project is heading in the right direction because this project tends to be more of an "academic experience" then business for your engineers, but hiring full-time project manager or consultants is too expensive - Kanoi Services can track the project for you on part-time basis, make sure you chose the right technologies to implement the project on time before you hit the dead-end, as well as help you assign work to people with right set of skills. We will also train your personnel and organize knowledge transfer to your team so they can support it, before our consultants leave your project.


Kanoi Services can do the job at your location, or take the job to our office and perform our work without using your valuable office space and resources. We have our own facilities, with a great variety of platforms and operating systems.

We can also remotely monitor the health and status of the development project, through a secure, virtual private network (VPN). That means we're always there when you need us and we won't get in your way.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

We provide over the phone and onsite maintenance and troubleshooting of software related problems. Our prices are rock bottom and our services are prompt and effective. If your computer freezes or certain software is giving problems just call or send an email to our tech-support for a cost effective solution.

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