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The Online project management and tracking system is a way to keep track of the project on the web and be able to access it from anywhere in the world. You can also show status of your project to your clients and impress them by showing that you take extra care for them and completion on time is very important for you.

You just need to buy one license as it is web-based unlike Microsoft Office Project 2003 where you need to buy license for each PC. Also all your employees can access the same server as it is web based and therefore avoid any data consistency problems.

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Our engineers have developed an engine, which takes in 2D and multidimensional media and generates interactive learning environments out of it. The user provides graphics on paper or in digital format, which are then sliced. The engine takes the sliced graphics and converts them into exercise components. These components are then assembled into a web-based application, which can be hosted on our web server.

The end user can access these applications via secure login. After logging in the user can move or rotate the components in the application. The state of the components can be saved and pulled any time to work on it or check it. It is also possible for the engine to automatically verify the assemblage of components and grade it.

Click here for details and click on one of the links under Project Demonstration


This is a dynamic album developed in PHP where you can create galleries and edit them. You can also upload pictures to a gallery and delete them. It automatically creates thumbnails for you and resizes the images.

Click here for demo and select a gallery for any dropdown


This portfolio is designed in flash and is dynamic. You do not need to know flash to use this. Just use the admin section to upload pictures for your portfolio write description and provide links to extra details or site.

Click here for demo Click on the Portfolio button on the top


This system lets visitors to your site enter their email address and contact information. You can use this to send newsletter with special offers and information about your products. You can view and edit this list and also export it to excel to integrate with any other program.

Click here for customer demo A visitor to the site can add his contact info here
Click here for admin demo You can manage the customer info here
Username: demo; Password: demo


This is a fully functional shopping cart being used by many companies. You can sell unlimited products using this cart. It can accept credit card, paypal ad other forms of payments. It has an admin area which can be used to add and edit products, orders, categories, vendors etc.

Click here for demo

We can customize these products for your needs.

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