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       We have been providing quality and cost effective Information Technology solutions to our clients since 1996. Our primary area of focus is design and development of Custom Software, databases and websites for medium to large companies. We have a team of designers and programmers who have years of experience in this area. We have developed an array of websites, which range from few to hundreds of web pages. We take special care so that our clients website is promoted well on the Internet. Our people are friendly and our services are very prompt. We can go to any extent to give you excellent services.

We have the experience, expertise, and time that your employees do not. Managers are bombarded daily with new projects that require new skills and more time. We have programmers and coders in California & Offshore Software Development in India. In today's fast-paced, ever-changing environment, organizations have difficulty hiring enough good people just to keep up with normal, ongoing tasks. In this case, organizations turn to us to fill the knowledge and time gap for many special projects that arise. We will bring experience from other projects and other organizations.

Through our facilities offshore, we are able to provide supreme services at a fraction of the cost of services provided by our competition. In other words, when it comes to great service at great value, there is no competition!

You may see us as someone who can be brought in for short-term projects. We will be there exactly when you need us and gone when you don't. Unlike hired staff who will require ongoing paychecks, benefits, and severance packages, consultants serve their purpose and then they are gone.

With many other projects under our belt and valuable experience in dealing with an array of situations and personalities, we will be able to provide unbiased, fresh ideas. We will bring ideas and experience from other firms and industries. This "cross-pollination" is surefire way to tap into the brain power of many resources. Staff may be too close to problem to see the solution. In addition, we will not be influenced by internal politics that may prevent employees from telling the emperor he has no clothes.


a. We bring experience with similar problems and do no need to get "up to speed".
b. We have luxury of focusing solely on the assigned project or problem, unlike employees who have to complete their "normal" jobs while working on special projects.
c. We don't need to deal with organization's internal politics and daily tasks: staff meetings, retirement parties, e-mails, and other policies and procedures. We will arrive, put our head down, and get to work. Is it any wonder that consultant can get work completed in one-fourth the time?

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