Sunday, January 13, 2008

Data Reporting Crystal reports software Development in Irvine California

Data Reporting Crystal reports software Development in Irvine California
1. Data Reporting
A. Reports turn data into information
B. Crystal Reports is a popular report writer (banded reports)
C. VS.NET provides Crystal “light” integrated into UI
1. My best guess is Crystal version 8 with VS 2000
a) Crystal 9 with VS 2003
2. Upgrades from the Business Objects web site.
2. Note that Crystal is an option during installation.
A. Adds the CrystalDecisions Namespace
3. Big Picture
A. Crystal provides
1. The Crystal Designer Form.
a) Used to create the report
b) Can use the full version instead
2. The Crystal Viewer Server Control
a) Server side report viewer
b) Not needed if using the PDF format
3. The CrystalDecisions Namespace
a) Used to programmatically manage Crystal
B. When you Create or Add a Crystal report to the project
1. It creates an associated .vb file with the Class
C. If you change the Report outside of VS
1. Recompile to update the DLL from the VB.
D. You can NOT test a VS.NET report directly…you must create web page and load the report into a viewer or create a PDF.
1. Good reason to consider using the full version.
4. Steps (remember the right mouse button)
A. Add New Crystal Reports.rpt
1. Name and Design the report
2. Tips on using the Crystal Designer
a) Report is based on sections
b) Detail section is repeated for each row
c) Header/Footer sections repeat on each page.
d) If you add Groups then you get group sections
e) Group allows you to break and subtotal
B. Add a new Web Page then….
1. Drag on Crystal Web Viewer control
2. And bind the viewer to the Report
5. Dealing with Logon failure due to password on SQL account:
A. Using > version 9 you need to login into each table
1. See attached commented code.
B. Version 9 > use report.SetDatabaseLogon() method
1. In theory Crystal 9 supports a SetDatabaseLogon method…
6. Other interesting Crystal Issues.
A. You can use the Full crystal designer to create the reports and then add to your project with AddExisting
1. VS will create the appropriate .vb files
B. IF you change your Report you have to rebuild the project even if you do not change code…because changing your report requires changes in the report class
C. PDF is fine for smaller reports but rumor has it that large (hundreds of pages) can be a problem.
7. Future: SQL Reporting Services will be built into .NET
A. Provides similar reporting but completely written and integrated into .NET
B. Used just for SQL Server
C. Requires Full SQL Server