Friday, September 21, 2007

Huntington Beach, California, Data Repeater List Developers

ASP.NET developers, Huntington Beach, California
Understanding The Data Repeater and Data List controls for
A. Understanding the HTML templates under the surface.
B. Bottom line…Data appears in a template
C. A template is just the html between the template tags
D. There are many “types of templates”
E. Some for headers/footers, Some for data
2. Displaying Data
A. DataRepeater repeats a template you design for each row.
B. So your are not restricted to tabular data
1. But no in line edit like the Grid
2. And no template “editor” like Grid
a) You just “roll your own” in HTML view…easy.
3. Hooking it up
A. Assign a DataSource
B. Adds templates to the Items collection
1. ItemTemplate row = all items…repeats for each row.
2. AlternatingItemTemplate …for odd number rows
C. The flow
1. HeaderTemplate
2. ItemTemplate (first data row)
3. SeparatorTemplate (between rows)
4. AlternatingItemTemplate (second data row)
5. repeat….
6. FooterTemplate
4. To output data
B. DataBinder Class allows for data binding
1. .Eval triggers the binding
2. Container is the template…DataItem is the current row in the template
3. “FieldName” is the datafield of the current row
5. Configuring:
A. Place the Repeater on the HTML view
B. This creates a bulleted list of CatgoryNames
7. AlternatingItemTempate
A. Copy the ItemTempate once it is perfect
B. Paste below and change the tags to Alternating…and change formatting
8. SeparatorTemplate

B. creates a left aligned horizontal line.
9. ItemCommand…just like datagrid or datalist
A. Triggered click on link or button in the control
B. Returns e.
1. CommandArgument: attribute you can set with a value
2. CommandName: you can set with a value
3. CommandSource: what you clicked on
4. Item: The Item (row) you clicked on.